Border collie repetitive behaviour – 13 treatment tips

Border collie repetitive behaviour, also know as compulsive behaviour or stereotypical behaviour is defined as “repetitive, constant, and appear to serve no obvious purpose”.  Examples include: shadow or light chasing/fixating, tail chasing, spinning, fly snapping, repetitive licking of legs and feet, digging or scratching at the floor and pica (eating inedible items such as stones).  … Read more

Using a no-attention discriminative stimulus to stop barking

border collie barking

One very good way of stopping your border collie barking is to use a no-attention discriminative stimulus. This can help dogs who bark and whine for attention and become very frustrated or anxious when their behaviour doesn’t result in the anticipated reward. Their anticipated reward could be being thrown a toy, being stroked, or even … Read more

Border Collie Jumping and Biting

Border collies are fantastic dogs, and can make great companions, but there are often very difficult behaviours to navigate from puppyhood through adolescence and on to early adulthood, often as late as 3 years old.  They can become aroused by different things to other breeds, mostly focused around movement.  Border collie jumping and biting behaviour … Read more

Border Collie Adolescence

border collie adolescence

Border collie adolescence is the cause of over 90% of my behaviour consultations, which tells you how challenging this part of raising a collie can be! Their problem behaviours range from aggression to owners, strangers or other dogs, to shadow chasing, chasing vehicles, lack of recall, pulling on the lead or sound fears and phobias, … Read more

Why do collies chase cars?

car chasing border collie

Why do collies chase cars and other vehicles?  Having worked with many border collie car chasers over the last few years, it’s my belief that this behaviour is most often initiated by fear and frustration.  Border collies that chase vehicles often are taken too near to busy roads when they are puppies and are terrified … Read more

Border collie suddenly aggressive

Aggressive border collie

“Border collie suddenly aggressive” is a very highly searched term on Google and unfortunately aggressive behaviour is a common problem within the breed. There are many reasons why a border collie would suddenly become aggressive, and techniques for helping the dog to overcome its aggressive behaviour will vary according to what is causing it. It’s … Read more