Collie consultant testimonials


Read our testimonials and find out how we have helped our customers and their border collies with training and behavioural problems.

Indie dog reactive border collie

Jemma Tointon and Indie

6 month old dog reactive border collie

“Rachel helped us with our dog reactive puppy Indie. She would bark and lunge at other dogs, which was a big issue because we wanted to train her to compete in flyball. With Rachel's training advice, she now rarely reacts at all and is doing really well in flyball!” 

pupstart puppy training

Yvette Cooper & Fen

8 week old border collie training

“It was so brilliant to find a puppy trainer who specialises in border collies. Rachel helped us to keep Fen calmer in the evenings, improve his recall and start loose lead training. It's great having her on hand to ask about issues as they come up.” 

Zoe the caucasian shepherd

Catherine Giles and Zoe

6 month old Caucasian Shepherd training

“Rachel has been out to meet my Caucasian Shepherd pup. Rachel was really patient and calm and has given us some great advice that we are putting into practice now. Highly recommended!” 

PUPstart border collie puppy training

Susan Schwartz and Frankie

8 week old border collie puppy training

“We're a long way from Lincolnshire (up in Scotland) but working on video call has been brilliant. Rachel has talked us through all sorts of training, including recall, stays, loose lead walking and an instant down. She has also given us lots of tips about how to keep him calm in the evenings and make a start on sheep training.” 

8 week old border collie training

Alan Rayner and Morag

8 week old border collie puppy training

“Rachel has given us lots of general help and advice with Morag from toilet training to how to manage her around livestock. She has also taught us how to prepare her for sheepdog training when she is old enough. It's so important to start training border collies while they are still young to ensure that bad habits don't develop.”

border collie puppy training

Ben Owen and Taff

12 week old border collie puppy biting

“Fantastic to have someone who specialises in border collie puppies! We were having issues with our twelve week old puppy biting us and also with getting him to be calm in the evenings. Rachel helped us to put training and management in place that really helped. We’re still working with her now on clicker training and it’s amazing what collie puppies can learn! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!”