Collie Training Tips


Border collies are incredibly intelligent animals and are learning all the time.  People often ask for collie training tips including how often they should train their puppy.  My answer is ALL THE TIME.  If you don’t teach your collie puppy, they will still be learning and the chances, are she is learning things you don’t want her to learn.

Follow our border collie training tips to train your puppy or if you need extra help and advice unique to you and your dog, we run a range of topic training sessions covering each of the issues listed here and many more! Click on each box to find out more.


I’ll help you to eliminate play biting, or learn how to manage it.  I can help you to house train your puppy and to crate train her so that she will settle at night and not panic when she is left alone.  Once these basic behaviours are established, we can work on teaching her to come as soon as she is called, to walk nicely on a lead, to start obedience training and much more…

Stop a border collie puppy biting


All puppies bite – it’s how they explore the world.  However, it’s a problem for 80% of new puppy owners, so you are not alone. We’ll teach you how to keep your puppy calmer, reduce or eliminate the biting and dramatically improve your relationship with your puppy.

border collie crate training


Border collie crate training using positive reinforcement will provide a safe haven for your puppy, somewhere to go when he is stressed or worried about anything, like a bedroom for a child. It will also give you somewhere to leave the puppy when you are unable to supervise her.

Border collie house training


Collies are very intelligent and following a few simple guidelines should make border collie house training very straightforward. This involves taking them out as soon as they wake, finish eating or finish playing and lots of praise for going to the toilet outside.

border collie lead training


Border collie lead training is very simple when you think about it in terms of how your dog or puppy thinks about it….  Border collies, and all dogs, only pull for one reason: they believe that it gets them where they want to go.  When they pull, they get to where they want to go, until we show them differently.

border collie recall training


Having a good recall is one of the most important, potentially life-saving things that you can teach your puppy.  For this reason, I tend to have three different recall cues.  The first is a cue that we all use all the time in the house.  The second is one for out on walks.  And the third is an “emergency recall” cue…

day training border collies


Border collies learn incredibly quickly.  They are easy to motivate with treats or toys and this makes them ideal for advanced obedience training.  Even if you don’t intend to go on to compete, obedience training your puppy will give him a "job" to do.