How can I stop my border collie resource guarding stolen items?

border collie resource guarding stolen items

Is your border collie resource guarding stolen items: stealing items and running off, then getting defensive when you try and take these items away?  This is known as resource guarding and may occur alongside similar resource guarding related to food, treats or proximity to the dog’s owner, particularly the owner that controls most of the … Read more

Preventing Border Collie Car Chasing

border collie chasing cars

Is border collie car chasing an issue you have with your dog?  Does your border collie puppy lunge towards cars or other vehicles, or lie down the second they see them and refuse to move? Do they bark at vehicles while you are travelling or, even worse, chase them up the road whenever they get … Read more

Border collie barking at strangers

border collie barking

Is your border collie barking at visitors or strangers in the house? It’s a common behaviour, often first appearing when the dog is an adolescent and may be due to a range of different factors. This post explains how to help adolescent dogs aged anywhere from 4 – 18 months who have suddenly started barking … Read more