Border collie enrichment

Border collie puppy enrichment

ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES: Some ideas for border collie enrichment – these activites often form a key part of behaviour plans so having lots of choice is great. If you know of any others that aren’t on here, please share them below and I’ll add them to the list: Lickimat or kong stuffed with something very high … Read more

Crumbie – 10 month old border collie

I don’t usually foster dogs, but Crumbie stole my heart when I very first visited!  When his owners said that they were thinking of rehoming him (a decision I support) but that all rescues are full, I just wanted to make sure that he has the best chance of finding the perfect forever home! Crumbie … Read more

Training the instant down

training the instant down

Training the instant down is important and a behaviour that all dogs should be taught to do as it can be a lifesaver in certain situations.  Imagine you are out walking your dog, when a car suddenly rounds a corner at close quarters.  You are on one side of the road and the car is … Read more

Are playful collies more likely to be “gifted”?

playful border collie

A newly released paper (July 2022) reveals an extremely interesting link between “giftedness” and playfulness in border collies. In the paper, “A comparison of personality traits of gifted word learner and typical border collies” (click here to read the paper), the authors define “giftedness” as the ability of a dog to learn the names of … Read more