Are playful collies more likely to be “gifted”? A new study reveals the answer.

playful border collie

A newly released paper (July 2022) reveals an extremely interesting link between “giftedness” and playfulness in border collies. In the paper, “A comparison of personality traits of gifted word learner and typical border collies” (click here to read the paper), the authors define “giftedness” as the ability of a dog to learn the names of … Read more

More about my qualifications; MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour

The University of Lincoln MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour is an evidence-based post-graduate qualification and is one of only two UK courses accredited by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour.  This means that, as graduates, we’re able to take vet referrals and help animals and their owners to resolve problem behaviours. The course … Read more