Border collie aggressive behaviour – what do I do?

border collie aggressive behaviour

Border collie aggressive behaviour is one of the most frequent behaviour problems that I am asked about, but there is rarely one cause or one training plan that fits all collies.  Aggressive behaviour generally includes growling, barking, lunging, snarling, nipping, snapping or biting.  As behaviourists, we always need to find out why the dog is … Read more

Border collie aggression

border collie aggressive behaviour

Border collies, on the whole, are not aggressive dogs, but they can very easily become overwhelmed and defensive. They are bred for working on farms, in the peace and quiet of the countryside, in close contact with their owner and a handful of other collies or farm dogs that are generally respectful of each other. … Read more

Stopping your border collie from barking at larger animals

Contrary to expectations, border collie puppies tend to be a bit nervous of other larger animals, especially horses, cows and, surprisingly, sheep.  The first few times they encounter them they may be alarmed to see a much larger animal, that does not appear to communicate in dog language, which may cause them to hide, back … Read more