border collie lead training
border collie lead training
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Border collie lead training is very simple when you think about it in terms of how your dog or puppy thinks about it….  Border collies, and all dogs, only pull for one reason: they believe that it gets them where they want to go.

You step out of the front door and your dog pulls on the lead to start the walk – and the walk starts.  The puppy pulls on the lead to get to the next interesting smell – and they get to it.

Border collie lead training

Border Collie Lead Training

Border collie lead training works on the very simple basis that, from the moment you start training, pulling on the lead will NOT get your dog to where she wants to go.  Instead, the second that the dog pulls, you stand still.  As soon as the lead goes slack, you go forward.

It really is as simple as that!  Border collies learn quickly and this WILL work.

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border collie lead training