border collie crate training
border collie crate training
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Border collie crate training carried out properly using positive reinforcement will provide a safe haven for your puppy, somewhere to go when he is stressed or worried about anything, very much like a bedroom for a child.  Crates also help with house training and the concept can be transferred to car crates, journeys in the car and giving your dog a safe haven to go to when you are travelling and staying in new places.

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Border Collie Crate Training

Why should I use a crate?

Crates are ideal for brief periods when you can’t supervise the puppy and condition relaxed behaviour, making sure that your puppy gets enough sleep.  Getting enough sleep is a vital factor in controlling biting issues in border collies, so it’s important to have a good sleep routing.  Giving the pup a safe chew or stuffed kong is ideal for helping him to calm down, settle and sleep.  A crate also helps with house training.

border collie crate training

border collie recall training