Collie Training Tips


I'm one of very few specialist border collie trainers in the UK offering puppy training for border collies, and I'm located near Spalding, South Lincolnshire.  Unlike some of the other border collie specialist trainers, I'm also a qualified Clinical Animal Behaviourist, meaning that you know you will be getting the best help possible, backed up by the latest scientifically proven theories and methods. My puppy training for border collies sessions are for puppies from 8 weeks to 18 months.  If you are a breeder then we can start even younger than 8 weeks. I travel to your home and help you and your dog in person, or I may be able to help by video call if you live further away.

Border collies are a complex breed, often misunderstood by non-specialist dog trainers, and around adolescence, at the age of 6 to 18 months, owners may start to experience problems such as:

  • Car chasing (or other inappropriate chasing behaviour)
  • Aggression towards dogs or people
  • Recall, loose lead walking or other general behaviour problems

How to book:

You can book a single session for £60 or 3 sessions for £170 (plus travel costs if I visit) and unlimited support through email or message for three months.  This training is an excellent start for your life together with your puppy.  The sessions are either online by video link or in-person at your home if you live in the Spalding area.  It includes teaching you and your puppy the basics that you need for a wonderful life together.

It's REALLY IMPORTANT to get in this training while collies are very young.  Puppies are learning ALL THE TIME, even when you're not "training" them.   Book a session now!

Why Is It So Important To Start Training Your Border Collie Puppy?

People often ask how often I train my puppies and my answer is ALL THE TIME!  Not official set training sessions, but in everything I do with them, every minute of the day.

Border collie puppies learn extremely quickly.  This is great while they are learning what we want them to learn, but sometimes they start learning the wrong things.  This can lead to behaviours that cause owners big problems as the dog grows upand most puppies won't "grow out" of such behaviours.  Knowing what to teach and how, along with ensuring that all the family has the same rules and are consistent, will ensure that your puppy grows up to be a loving, loved member of the family.

Remember: invest in training now for a lifetime of happiness.

border collie clicker training

border collie clicker training

1. Resolving your concerns

Our first step is to cover any problems that you might be experiencing, such as:

  • Play biting (collies can be like little velociraptors)
  • Inappropriate chasing (cars, people, shadows)
  • Issues with recall
  • Not settling in the house
  • First walks

Once these problems are resolved, we will move on to teaching basic life skills.

2. Our puppy training program

For border collie puppies aged 8 weeks and over.

We'll guide you through teaching your puppy basic life skills such as:

    • Loose lead walking
    • Recall whenever called
    • Instant drop
    • Stay/wait
    • Settle calmly on a mat

All taught in your home through video call or in-person.

3. Ongoing training

Finally, we will offer advice about ongoing management of your collie puppy as he or she grows, how to avoid her picking up bad habits and how to break any that develop.  What ever age your dog or stage of development, we'll always be here to give you support if you need it.

As puppies grow they can exhibit challenging behaviour, particularly around the "teenage" adolescent stage, and collies especially need a job to do.  If they don't have one they will find one!  I'll be there to help!