Border Collie Day Training


A great alternative to hiring a dog walker!

In our border collie day training service, we train your dog for you.

This makes sense - you wouldn't hire an experienced car mechanic to show you how to mend your car.  You hire them to do it for you.  Our day training program works in the same way.

Your dog will receive exclusive training from an expert with the time, skills and expertise to make a positive impact on their behaviour, in your own home. You’ll also receive the support you need to reinforce this training, rather than having to learn the training skills yourself—something that takes years of study and experience.

Border Collie Day Training - I Train Your Dog

Our 6-Session Day Training course, available in the Spalding area only, costs just £360 and includes:

  1. 6 x 45-minute sessions at your home
  2. Regular handover sessions so that you can learn to get the same results with your dog


These sessions are run at a time that suits you:  once you have booked the 6-session course, we will arrange 6 sessions that fit in with your schedule.  The sessions work as a good alternative to dog walking - I can visit your dog while you are out, giving him company as well as exercising him by training him!

day training border collies

day training border collies

1. Regular Training

Border collies are intelligent animals with keen senses, and they’re not designed to lie around all day without using their minds! To stay happy and healthy, dog need not just physical stimulation through exercise but mental stimulation too. Border collies in particular are bright, active dogs bred to be thinkers and doers, so border collie training is essential.

Our border collie Day Training courses include 6 x 45-minute sessions at your home, so that your dog gets regular sessions to steadily build their skills and help train away from unwanted behaviours. We also offer frequent handover sessions so that you can learn the cues and body language you need to make your dog demonstrate these skills and good behaviours we’ve taught them.

2. Individual Attention

Dog training classes have their benefits, but your dog will just be one of many, making it hard for the trainer to observe your dog closely, or to give them the time or individual attention they need. Also, being in an unfamiliar environment surrounded by other dogs and owners can be distracting for your dog, making them less attentive and receptive to training. Similarly, one to one training put the onus on you to train your dog and learn about canine behaviour; something that takes years to do properly!

By giving your dog one-to-one border collie training at home, we can focus all our attention on your dog, and they can learn in a familiar environment. You’re also saved the time and stress of bundling your dog into the car every week to drive to training sessions.

3. A Qualified Expert

I'm one of the few Certified Training Partners of the Karen Pryor Academy in the UK. Karen Pryor is the most well-known founder of clicker training, having written many books and papers on the subject. She’s also a leading teacher and advocate for effective force-free training across the globe.  I also hold a Canine Principles Canine Coaching Accredited Diploma and have completed the Canine Principles Fear Course. I'm currently completing the highly regarded MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Lincoln.

I only use positive, fear-free training and I’m well-qualified to deliver expert border collie training and assist you with general life skills training, specialised obedience training or any behavioural problems your dog may have.